Satellite Equipment / Machinery Parts
Along with our line of rotary coaters and bulk seed treating equipment UC Systems manufactures a complete line of satellite equipment; from equipment that interfaces directly with our coaters and treaters, to down stream systems, UC Systems offers a varied line of equipment to meet most of the support needs of today's coating and treating production environment.

Powder Feeders
UC Systems manufactures a complete line of powder feeders for dry coating material applications. All feeders and components are manufactured in the US. The 1.5", 2", 3" and 4" feeders will soon be offered in loss in weight configuration, that will integrated with our CCS coating control system.
UC Systems offers gravity based fluid bed drying systems and cooling beds in several size configurations. The drying systems are manufactured with integrated burners in one and two zone heating capability. The cooling bed units come with integrated fan units. As with all UC Systems equipment they are manufactured in the US. We also have these dryers in a refurbished model when used machines are available on the market. We send the units to our manufacturing facility where they are completely rebuilt and we then sell them with the same warranty as a new dryer. This can amount to a considerable savings to the customer.
We provide a complete line of conveyors for any system requirement.
Bulk Tanks
UC Systems manufactures a complete line of liquid delivery tanks, in a wide variety of capacities, in both poly and stainless steel, with fork lift stands. All the tanks are available with or without integrated mixers. If the customer requires, the tanks are also available on load cells for integration with our loss in weight system on our CCS or GTS equipment.
UC Systems has worked with Masterflex pump systems for the past 18 years and we have become very familiar and confident with their equipment. Masterflex equipment holds up well in all manufacturing situations with very few maintenance requirements.

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