• Consistently Accurate
  • No More Meters or Measuring Vessels
  • Constantly Monitors System Flow & Application

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UC Systems staff has over 30 years of experience with equipment design, manufacturing and installation, on every continent on the globe. We have done everything from the smallest laboratory system to complete large scale seed pelleting plants.

CCS Rotary Coaters
CCS rotary systems are manufactured in the US to the highest standards, to operate under the most severe manufacturing environments, and give years of trouble free operation. We use the most modern technology available on the market.

We have established a position in the market of building high quality indestructible equipment. Compare our systems to the competition and it will be obvious who builds the stronger system.

Our coating chamber walls are 7/8" thick cast steel, no other manufacturer comes close to that. Our chamber wall is cast in the US and machined to .005" before being delivered to our facility in Kansas where it is final ground and precision fit to the rotor assembly.

Each CCS unit is hand built by technicians who have years of rotary assembly experience. Our chamber has an integrated, replaceable, wear band that is custom fit to the side wall of the barrel and has a .002" gap with the rotor.

All CCS 2500, 3150, and 4800 use our (Q-DRIVE) belt drive system that is maintenance free and offers years of operational service.

We use Express Scale heads on the 3150 and 4800 units and build our own scale units on the 2500 units. All supporting scale components are US manufactured or fabricated in our manufacturing facility.

UC Systems is constantly working on new aspects of equipment systems automation from PLC based coating systems control, to loss in weight powder and liquid delivery systems for both of our seed processing systems CCS and GTS units. We are striving to be on the cutting edge of seed coating and treating systems technology. To fully address the automation control side of our systems, we work with several automation houses to bring the best and newest technologies into our system control inventory. All CCS and GTS systems are offered with PLC based control, and touch screen operator interfaces. Many systems that are now in the field are tailored to the customers' unique requirements. With the automation technologies available today, it is easy to offer our customers a wide variety of custom automation options at a reasonable price. In today's operational environment simple machine control is just the starting point for automation control systems, we are now required to interface with other operational systems, control satellite machinery, and start up and stop whole plant systems in conjunction with our coating equipment.  

3150 CCS Rotary Coating System

CCS 3150 Rotary Coater

4236 DL Vibratory Dryer

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