The UNICOAT™ proprietary polymer system has been used to coat multiple millions of pounds of seed, both as filmcoating and seed pelleting applications.


UNICOAT™ polymers are made in high concentration form and are sold as a 3:1 mixture formulation, meaning that one gallon of polymer is mixed with 3 gallons of water to make 4 gallons of usable solution. This allows us to ship the customer more workable gallons of solution per truck load, making your cost per gallon, including freight lower. UNICOAT™ polymers are available in many color offerings as well as our newly trademarked "NUDE™" color, giving the coating material product a natural seed appearance.

UC Systems also has the capability of custom blending colorants for specialized customer requirements. Custom blending can be done on bulk order amounts of 250 gallons or more.

talc-lime comp dry.jpg

The above slide compares coatings of UNICOAT™ (left) and competitors coating (right). UNICOAT™ provides a smooth, even, coat significantly reducing "dusting off". The competitors loss (dust-off) appears to be nearly 30% of the coating.

comparing Talc and Lime wet.jpg

A slide of UNICOAT™ compares UNICOAT™ with lime/polymer coating after wetting. UNICOAT™ has significant coat coverage, and will stay on the seed where it is needed, and not in the bag as waste.

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